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Design AwardsThe words and experiences of the clients and vendors we work with reflect the consistent performance and relationships we strive to maintain in all areas.Their insight and opinions are windows into the trust, confidence, communication and creative endeavors that are essential to every project and every working relationship. The relationships we build are as rewarding as the finished work.

“Linda Bachand, Creative Director of Campane Advertising & Creative, is the consummate professional. Her creativity is only topped by her professionalism. Linda designed the logo for Vista Management Solutions which aligned with the vision, values and services of the company. Linda accomplished this by listening. She provided me with untold options of design elements and colors. She asked about the company, where it currently is in its development and where it is going in the future. From this process came our new logo, our new ‘look’ and our path forward in branding and marketing.

It is a privilege to be able to write a testimonial for Linda. I recommend Linda’s services regardless the size or type of company. I consider Linda a critical element of my branding and marketing efforts.”

Bryan H. Nelson, President, Vista Management Solutions, Inc.

“I have been a customer of Campane Advertising for well over a decade. When I first met Linda, I was struck by her creativity and the way she paid attention to small details. I am no different than you; I have a business where I want to reach people in as many forms of media as possible. Linda has taken us to our goal and beyond. I have increased my sales through local business and globally through internet sales. I am confident my marketing package gives my business validity and reflects the image I want to portray to my clients. With confidence I recommend Campane Advertising. You will see sales increase, confidence in the material let out your door, compliments on your advertising and results of a well thought out plan. It truly is worth it!”

Juleen Pudists, Landmark Design

“Linda Bachand and Campane Advertising have been instrumental in various marketing efforts for both our housing and land development sides. Her most notable contribution is to our Sundance Ridge advertising campaign. From web design to print advertising, Linda continues to help differentiate our product from our competitors and has made a tremendous impact with consumers. What I am happy with most is the consistency throughout the different advertising avenues. From our website, to direct mail, to print advertising, she has uniquely branded our product.

Working with Linda is a treat. She is extremely prompt in her correspondence and always has a cheerful response, no matter the magnitude of the task I’ve requested. Linda takes the time to understand my product, company and marketing goals. Due to the time she takes to understand my needs, I trust her vision to create the unique marketing piece I am looking for. I would highly recommend Linda as a designer to anyone seeking print design, web design and marketing consultation.”

Wes Jones, Contour, Inc. and American Dream Homes

“The first time I saw Linda’s innovative and creative designs, I IMMEDIATELY KNEW she was talented and wanted her to create my website graphics.

With her knowledge and understanding of what I was trying to accomplish, she created website graphics and a business logo that have greatly enhanced the image that I was looking for. Her attention to the design and graphics expresses my image better than I ever thought possible.

As a result, I receive compliments daily from people who visit my site. I’ve had nothing but positive feedback. I could not have asked for a better design.

Linda is always the professional. Every question was answered quickly and she went above and beyond what I asked of her. She made every step of the process simple.”

Maria Faires, Registered Dietitian, ACE-certified Advance Health & Fitness Specialist and Master Personal Trainer, Active Nutrition

“I have worked with Linda for more than a decade and there is one word that comes to mind when I think of her . . . innovation. Mr Webster defines the word as: the process of making changes, a new method. Her projects are a refreshing change from the usual brochures and letterhead packages. Her enthusiasm for creativity is contagious! And I do more than just partner with Campane Advertising; I am a part of the project! Linda has exceptional business skills, she is poised and confident. She takes pride in her pieces and stands by the finished product. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone!”

Michelle Johnson, Sr. Account Representative, PrintNW

“Linda’s work is truly in a class of its own. She always gives her best and you can easily see that reflected in her work. She takes the time to get to know the businesses and people that she works with, to find out what is important to them, how they see themselves and what they want to present to their customers. Recently, Linda designed a website for my business. When I saw the concept that she had come up with, I was amazed! Linda really has an eye for the whole picture – how to get everything to come together in a cohesive whole. Each detail is carefully attended to and the result is awesome! The look is absolutely unique – I think it represents me and my business perfectly and it really shows the professional, polished image that I want to present. I’m so excited to launch the new site so that everyone can see not only my services but her beautiful work as well.”

Cherell Naccarato, Phoenix Rising Acupuncture

“When we met with Linda, we had quite a few preconceived ideas but she worked with us and showed us so many options than in just a few short meetings we were able to design a new logo, stationary and mailers for our clients. Her designs have a timeless quality that we are still using today.”
(valued client since 1999)

Roger MacPherson, MacPherson Construction & Design

“We started our relationship with Campane Advertising back in 2000. We appreciate all of the little things that Linda does for our company, from her creativity and listening to her straightforward feedback. The most challenging thing that I see with Linda is to be different, so when we ask her to come up with something that no one has ever seen before because “we are her only client” she does a great job of thinking outside the box and delivers us a great product. That only comes with working with someone for many years and having the ability to listen, create and produce. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Linda and Campane Advertising for many years to come”.

John Stackman, Encore Custom Homes

“Thank you for doing such a great job on the graphics for my website, The Little Shop Online. What I was most pleased about was the way you listened to me about what my vision was, and the times you didn’t agree with me you gave me your honest opinion. You also gave me choices and told me what would show up and give me the best results. I am very pleased with the way my site looks. You were professional and you listened to me about what I wanted to have done. Thanks again, Linda, it was a pleasure working with you.”

Terry Ann Higdon, The Little Shop Online

“Linda did some work for me on an internet ad that I had a short deadline on; I figured since it was a small amount of work, she probably would be too busy to get to it. Well, I was very surprised! She treated me and the project like it could have been a million dollar project and she turned it around a full day before I needed it! Her work was fantastic and I could not have created the image in my mind any better. Linda is the quintessential professional at her business and I highly recommend her for your advertising needs.”

Jim Perry, The Narrows Group / Keller Williams, Gig Harbor, WA

 “Linda is a pleasure to do business with. The consummate professional, she delivers on her promises, is prompt, thorough, and never misses a deadline. She is creative, artistic and a good listener…all valuable assets in her profession! We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Linda and her associates at Campane.”

Becki Thomas, MacPherson Construction & Design

My experience working with Linda was both productive and enjoyable. Her creative ability, attention to detail and timeliness in regards to deadlines was a pleasure to experience. From the initial conceptual design of a color brochure and website for my new business to the finished product, Linda tackled the project with incredible energy and expertise. She is a wonderful design talent!”

Sara Griot, Essential Style

“I was impressed with Linda’s positive determination to get the images we needed in spite of a variety of obstacles that arose. As we photographed at sites where the proprietors had no vested interest in the intrusion our presence presented, she was patient and diplomatic in gaining access. Similarly, Linda was flexible with the shifting scope of the project and the special challenges arising from language barriers.

She also saved her client a lot of money on the food photography session at the studio two ways. First, by thorough pre-shoot planning and conceptualization, and secondly by doing the food styling herself. Food stylists have a talent worth paying for, but Linda was definitely up to the tast. It is always a pleasure to work with clients as professional and prepared as Campane Advertising and Creative.”

Kevin McGowan, Strode McGowan Photography

“You walked alongside me, guiding me with such passion for my project, as if you had known better than me what I needed to transpire to the public – what Geri’s Casual Dining & Catering is all about. You took little phrases that had small meanings and turned them into a wonderful masterpiece. The passion that you have, the ability to sit with a complete stranger and put what’s in their head on paper, manifesting its beauty is just to die for. Never have I observed such professionalism since I’ve started my business. Not only are you a wonderful and strong businesswoman, but a kind, patient and very humble individual. You took this little project on a low budget and made it look like a million bucks. Now that’s what I would call exceptional talent. I know first hand how hard you will work to get the job done, but do it well at the same time. Your work will be around for a long time to come. My design speaks for now and for the future – that’s classic. I will always be forever grateful for all the time you spent with me. You went far and beyond the call. I applaud you.”

Geraldine Dixon-Walker, Proprietor & Caterer, Geri’s Casual Dining & Catering

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