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Design Awards Logo design is a process and a journey we embark on with our clients to develop the unique, timeless and memorable symbol that will become the basis of their marketing materials. Logos say so much in such a small area. Campane Creative takes the time to get to know your business, to design multiple concepts for initial client review and to revise those concepts into a single final logo. There are many ways to present an idea or the essential qualities of a business. It is enlightening and well worth the time to explore the possibilities. The result is a solidly designed image that perfectly represents a business for years to come. Once we establish the basic design, color palettes are explored and refined to the client's liking. Final logos are formatted for various uses such as print, web, signage, etc. and a logo collection is released to the client.

Our logo designs include award winning images for clients in many industries. Each is the pinnacle of branding for specific businesses. Design elements include graphic images as well as typography that are melded together to create a strong identity for your business.

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