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Design Awards Custom diecut folders are designed to present your marketing materials with a strong visual impression. Folders range from standard sizes to uniquely different configurations, each with unique graphics, pocket configurations, business card enclosure cuts and printing techniques. Imagine the impact a beautifully produced diecut folder has on your proposals. It far outweighs a basic black and white copy paper proposal!

Beautiful and impactful folder design is critical for many businesses that must present their materials, samples of their products and proposals to potential clients. Caterers and builders are just a couple examples of businesses which benefit from a custom designed folder. Folder design is not just a cosmetic treatment applied to the exterior of the folder.

Our custom diecut folders are produced with the intent of using the interior as well, to get critical information and a true feel for the quality of your business. We cover the bases, inside and out, to create an outstanding marketing piece that performs endlessly.

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