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Design Awards Business cards are small printed pieces that carry the weight of the world on their backs. They are often the first impression you give to people and first impressions are opportunities that only come around once.  The impression you leave with a potential client is made or broken by the simple gesture of handing your card to them.

Business cards are designed to create maximum impact with their graphics, content and contact information, as well as the tactile feel that different papers can impart. Many design elements go into developing a card that literally says it all. Campane Creative creates business cards that will stand out. They are integral components of a letterhead package where all elements tie together a cohesive message generated by your materials. Business cards are much more than what some view as "throw away" pieces likely to end up in the trash. If your card has a dynamic design and presentation, a unique tactile quality and creates a fascination with the recipient, it is often the piece that later on creates further opportunities for your business. Business cards are one of the most important aspects of a company's marketing materials.

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